Assistive Software & Equipment

Provision of equipment, assistive software (AT) and AT training

Support Connect provide specialist software and technology solutions to assist SEND learners with addressing barriers to completion of their apprenticeship. These products or systems include:
  • Assistive Software such as talk to text, organisation tools and screen readers.
  • Should the learner not already have access to a device suitable to assist in their studies, we may be able to arrange for equipment for individuals with disabilities, restricted mobility or other impairments to enable them to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.
  • Access to iPADs and training in their use for those learners without an existing device.

We also provide appropriate training and support via our Assistive Technology Trainers who work with learners to look at how to best integrate the software training within their apprenticeship targets and course work priorities.A typical session will consist of a review of targets set in the previous session, teaching and using the software, and then a discussion on applying it to their work and what targets can be set for the following session. This is then signed off by the learner and assistive technology trainer on our CMS.

The impact of training and use of software and equipment is monitored. If a learner is not utilising the resources given, we will review and update the software and hardware they have access to. This ensures resources not being used are not charged for..