Providing Support for Apprentices

One to One mentoring for inclusive practises

As an Apprenticeship Training Provider, many of your Apprentices are eligible for funded additional learning support through the ESFA. The support available is substantial and will have a significant impact on the outcomes of your programme.

If any of your apprentices have:

  • A long-term health condition.
  • A mental health condition.
  • A Specific Learning Difference/Disability, e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Autism, etc.

or believe they may have one of the above conditions, we can help! We provide additional learning support using:

Technical Support – Outstanding assistive technologies which remove barriers and make learning so much easier.

  • Specialist equipment, e.g. computers/laptops – and the assistive software to run on them.
  • Hearing and Visual aid devices
  • Electronic Notetakers
  • Ergonomic study equipment like height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs.
  • Training on any Assistive Technology supplied.

Specialist Support and Non-Medical Help – Our highly qualified pool of support staff have vast experience in the support arena and expertise in a huge range of conditions.

  • Specialist Mentors.
  • Specialist one to one Study Skills Support.
  • Communication Support Workers.
  • Specialist Transcription Service.
  • Mobility Trainer.
  • British Sign language interpreters.
  • language Support Tutor for deaf students

The support the apprentice get depends on their individual needs and not on income.

Please see how the life cycle of support is implemented.


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