Assistive Technology

High-Quality Training

At Support Connect our diverse, comprehensive trainer program ensures all our support staff are experts in delivering assistive technology to a high standard.


About Our Training

Our Assistive Technology Trainers are experienced in providing software training to individuals with visual impairments, hearing impairments (or deafness/hard-of-hearing), dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, and a wide range of mental and physical health conditions. We aim to support clients with flexible, relevant sessions that help integrate technologies into their lives for the best possible study outcomes.

Our training us:

Diverse - we structure our training techniques around our clients' needs, offering practical applications of software and integrating our clients' work into their sessions.

Specific - every session is tailored to that specific clients learning level and unique needs, matching their pace as they progress through their scheduled sessions and through their qualification. 

Trackable - through our learning support application Touch Point all progress is trackable as an Individual Learning Plan (ILP). 


Packages Offered

  • (all packages include access to our in-house app Touch Point)


Individual training sessions: one-to-one sessions, 1-2 hours in length


Small and large group training (10-30 people): contact us for further details.


Inclusive technology awareness sessions: contact us for further information and planning.


Disabled Student Allowance (DSA ) training: if you have received a DSA2 email or letter and require assistive technology training as part of your reasonable adjustments, please contact us by any method below with a copy of your DSA2 attached:

Book through our website

Call us: 01905 427815

Email us:


(If you are a DSA assessment centre and require prices for quoting under DSA, click here)



A library of free assistive technology is also available here on our website.


For more information on Inclusive Assistive Technology and the services we offer please contact us at or submit an enquiry via our webform.